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''The Jane Powell Show'' - Unsold Pilot

Published 1961

An unsold pilot for a proposed series titled "The Jane Powell Show". This would have been a sitcom about a singer who marries a a math professor (played by Russell Johnson) and has to adapt to small-town life.

Run time 31 minutes 35 seconds
Production Company Four Star Television
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: beth1956 - - February 23, 2015
Subject: Cute Show
I thought it was a very cute show and I wish there were more. Jane Powell was an amazing singer, even as a little girl, I've always loved her movies.
Reviewer: sammyk1964 - - February 22, 2015
Subject: Too busy
I think this show could have made a go of it, if it didn't have so many sub plots in the pilot. Too many different things going on at one time.
I think Jane Powell was beautiful, but the singing was a bit too much. And I am a musician/singer. Her voice was too operatic for the show. Her opening song, "I'm In Love" from Rodger's & Hammerstein's South Pacific was too much. The only thing she needed at the end of that was a viking helmet & spear for that last note.
Russell Johnson, on the other hand, was charming & oh so dashing. He carried off the role with his dry but funny since of humor, which he used constantly in his role as professor on Gilligan's Island. As a side note, Russell Johnson wanted Jane Powell to play Ginger on Gilligan's Island, but casting felt she wasn't curvy enough for the role. And he almost walked away from it because they wouldn't hire her.
I love music, and I love show tunes. But, I'd have to give this one a 3 star just because of Jane Powells screeching operatic high notes alone. Sorry Jane dear.
Reviewer: I_h8_screen_names - - March 18, 2014
Subject: The Jane Powell Show - Pilot
A popular singer meets a bookworm professor they have a whirlwind romance and true to the mores of the day, when they marry she leaves her profession behind to live with him in a small college town. The husband's colleagues are predictable snobby male intellectuals who look down their noses at "entertainers". Of course, this causes problems for the two newly weds and this is made worse when the new wife kills the husband's beloved "queen bee" when it flies into her kitchen.
Yes... in this fantasy world queen bees fly...
I was a little surprised that the couple actually are shown to be attracted to one another. Most of the time this was ignored in sit-coms of that time.
Bad writing is to blame for this failure, the actors are okay.
Reviewer: HaarFager872 - - March 12, 2014
Subject: Pilot Episode
Overall, I thought it was good. Just a little more intelligent than the typical sitcoms of the day. Jane Powell and Russell Johnson played off of each other pretty well considering it was just the pilot and the first time they'd worked together so closely. I think they would have been pretty good together had it went to series. The costars were cast fairly well, too. I guess our loss was The Beverly Hillbillies' gain in that it freed up Harriet MacGibbon.
Reviewer: Futuristfood - - May 6, 2013
Subject: ignorant selfish woman..
the root of evil.. cares more about her trivial bullshit than nature,. i had to turn this un-funny ignorant crap off.. and that singing,. ,. my head almost came unscrewed,.
Reviewer: TimL2009 - - April 30, 2013
Subject: You never know..
I look at it this way..The marriage to "Jane Powell" doesn't work out, he changes his name to Roy Hinkley and decides to get away from it all for awhile..hence "The three-hour tour"
Reviewer: 1110babe - - December 1, 2012
Subject: Is this an inspiration for Gilligan's Island?
At the least it must have gotten this staid math professor portrayer hired as that staid science professor. There is also the beautiful actress character, the older couple, and the rest of the cast who might be likened to someone on Gilligan's Island if you wanted to stretch the comparison some more.

Three stars because of Powell's singing.